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Understanding and Managing Allergies in a Breastfeeding Context

The New Age of Allergies

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A vital resource for anyone working with breastfeeding women and their babies

My Second Book

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Breastfeeding Works

Even With Allergies


How to Recognise Allergies in Mothers and Babies


Understand the Impact of Allergies on Feeding


Why it is Worth Persisting with Breastfeeding


Explore the Short and Long Term Aspects of Living with Allergies

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If ever there was a more confusing problem for mothers and clinicians alike, it is recognising the role allergies play within a breastfeeding context.
Along with the confusion is a tremendous amount of frustration and downright desperation for many of those unfortunate enough to be affected. Despite their common, everyday frequency now, allergies are almost an undiscovered country in modern life.

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Allergic mothers and babies can present to their doctors, lactation consultants, midwives and other practitioners in so many different ways:
• painful breastfeeds
• unsettled babies
• vomiting babies
• babies who struggle to attach and feed
• babies who ‘wrestle’ with their mothers throughout breastfeeds
• breast refusal
• babies with sleep problems
• babies who seem to gain weight poorly despite plenty of
nappy output
• skin rashes
• infant colic
• babies with gastric reflux

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Breastfeeding Works! Even with Allergies

This book is the first of its kind to explore these issues and to offer ways to recognise and deal with them. Its message is that it is not nearly as difficult to persist with breastfeeding and dietary modifications as it is to live with the consequences of using artificial feeding – in both the short and longer term.

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