Bayside Breastfeeding Clinic

In 1992 the Bayside Breastfeeding Clinic created history as Australia’s first ever private breastfeeding clinic.


The Contact

Around three hours is set aside for a consultation, handout material is provided, and mothers may maintain phone contact with the Clinic without incurring extra cost. Only one consultation is usually needed to resolve most issues.

The Consultation

Consultations aim to streamline and simplify management of breastfeeding so that it rapidly becomes a pleasure for all concerned. There is a great emphasis on comfort and practicality.

The Clinic

The Clinic provides professional information and support to women who want to breastfeed their infants but encounter difficulties including:
• a range of physical feeding issues
• suck problems
• “lactose intolerance”
• colic
• allergies
• medical problems in mothers and babies which may affect breastfeeding in babies of all ages.

The Consequences

One of the highlights of a consultation is learning to make use of physiological settling techniques which do not involve leaving babies to cry, and which rapidly settle babies to sleep. This knowledge has been practised by parents in countless cultures down through the ages and yet has somehow been lost to Western parents. Physiological settling is especially helpful when babies suffer from pain. It can also be used to help normalise breastfeeds when a
baby’s pain issues make feeding difficult.